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HKU or Imperial for studying biochemistry?

I am a student from the UK but I am possibly hoping to work in China in the future or go onto further studies. Cost is not really an issue, or language as I can speak Cantonese. I am just wondering which university is better for the subject and is more recognised in China and by Chinese employers and universities, especially considering the recent situation in HK. Will I be at a large disadvantage in China if my Mandarin ability is the very minimum? I think HKU will give me an opportunity to learn Mandarin. I am also not sure where to find the course structure for biochemistry at HKU.
Any opinions are appreciated, thank you!
I'd definitely go to Imperial since it's such a good uni.... not to mention that there's an enormous amount of chinese intl students in the uk whose employment probably isn't affected by studying in the uk. You could always learn mandarin by yourself!!
Good luck anyways!
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As a student at HKU, I can say this:1. You can learn Mandarin at HKU in courses and by working with students from Mainland China2. You can build up your network in China much more easily in Hong Kong if you intend to work in China3. You will be at a disadvantage if your Mandarin is weak: STEM subjects are generally taught in Mandarin Chinese in China so you will need to be able to handle the Chinese terminologies if you intend to work/study in ChinaThe course structure for biochemistry at HKU can be found at the website of HKU's Faculty of Science:

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