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Stuck in a housing contract

Hi all,
I’m stuck in a housing contract for second year when I’ve decided to drop out and take an apprenticeship. The apprenticeship is well paying so I can afford the 6k a year the housing costs. However, If I choose to live in this house next year, I’m aware i’m liable for 75% council tax. Even if I split my time 50/50 between my house at uni and my house at home, would I still have to pay all the council tax? A tenancy takeover seems highly unlikely right now… no one’s looking for a house. If I didn’t tell the house owner I dropped out… would there be a way of him knowing? Or is this fraud?
Even if you split the time between the uni house and home, you'll still have to pay the full amount that you're liable for.

Tenancy takeover is still likely and worth a try, however don't attempt to sublet without asking your landlord permission first as it's illegal.

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