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Should I get LSE accommodation?

I've just gotten an offer from LSE and I'm now looking at accommodation. For context, I live about a 20 min train ride from Victoria, with regular service.

I see the value of living in LSE accommodation from a social sense - especially since you don't really know anyone. But from a financial perspective, I don't know how I feel about paying £9000 for me to live 20 mins away from home. I've also not heard great things about LSE's social life, so I don't know how much living in accom would help?

My question really is how conducive is accom to making friends during freshers/knowing where to go out etc? Like I don't mind sitting in someone's kitchen after a night out waiting for a nightbus or the next train but like how do I even get to that point without obligatory flat nights out during freshers week?

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