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Applying to Trinity College Dublin as a UK student?

Hi, I want to apply to Trinity to study English but I literally have no idea if it's too late or what the best way to go about it is because 1. it seems so confusing and 2. every website seems to say something different. I also know that the priority application deadline has passed and I don't know if it's even worth applying now? How likely are they to accept an English applicant whose application isn't priority? Also, what's the difference between the application system on the TCD website and CAO?
I think it's still worth applying, especially if you have a strong "why TCD" statement and/or your grades are in a high admissions band. It's not late into rolling admissions. I was thinking about applying (international, not UK), but I'm not sure about asking for two letters of recommendation this late. Glad I saw your post though; I didn't know the priority deadline had passed, whoops. :s-smilie: The deadlines are confusing - it says the priority deadline is 01 Feb, the absolute deadline is 30 Jun and rolling admissions are between 01 May and 30 Jun - so what kind of admissions are between 01 Feb and 01 May?

What application is CAO?
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As a UK student you’d have to apply through CAO as you’re treated the same as Irish and EU applicants. Only international applicants apply directly to TCD. Certainly worth throwing an application in, but it can be difficult to get onto most courses from the UK, if you’ve only got 3 a levels. If you Google “CAO points 2021” or earlier years, you’ll see the points that were required for entry in each of those years. And shows how you can convert the a level results to points.

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