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I always used a vpn at uni, offers extra security and prevents tracking from the uni. If you can try and use one you can pay for as they don't tend to track you compared to the free one
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I use vpn for data protection mostly
Well the uni will have their own VPN so in general there is no issue. Obviously what you're asking more specifically is, can I use a third party VPN - you will need to review your unis IT policy for that.

Also if the more specific question is "can I use a VPN on eduroam to download things illegally/watch porn on campus/etc" the answer is probably that it's against their policy...
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I never heard of VPN when I was a student. everything was on LAN and if on a laptop, was on WiFi.

I have got a personal VPN however for Home.
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I've been using a VPN on all my devices for years. So, I don't see any problem.
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Want to ask has anyone ever done this before? How do universities/IT teams typically feel about you doing this as long as your not using it to access sites theyve blocked, as i cant find anything about vpns in the terms of use?

That is quite ok to use vpns everywhere. I guess that the university team won't even know that you are using it. And they can't forbid you to use vpn.