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geography nea data analysis pls help :)!

For my geography nea, I am evaluating whether my local high street can be classified as a clone town or not. For one of my data collection methods, I surveyed 150 people, and asked them which shops they frequented most often, their perception of how the high street has changed, why they chose to shop in the local area as opposed to other areas (i.e. london), and whether they would rather support a business that is independently owned, or one that is part of a regional chain. I'm struggling to present this data as I have so many responses and a few of the answers are very elaborate... is it best to include a few graphs and quotes from responses or does anyone have some advise on how to effectively display my data?
Thank you!!!!
Hi, I did mine on rivers so cannot offer a very in depth response, but I know some of my classmates did there's on human topics, one way they presented qualitative data was through a word cloud and then analysed that, maybe you could then split the world cloud in positive and negative words/quotes and portray those in a bar chart?
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This sounds like an excellent NEA study, and congratulations on your survey reaching so many people! As the above user said yes a wordcloud is a good visual way to denote and interpret which are the most common words or phrases that your participants mentioned, you could include which shops or brands were the most frequently visited denoted by the size of the word within the diagram. You could make a series of bar graphs and pie charts for example if you display the results from your survey, but make it more interesting by creating a small infographic for example, or yes just include the direct quotations. Overall I wouldn't worry too much about the aesthetic nature and visuality of the data, the presentation is important yes but you get more marks in the analysis section, justifying why you chose the methods to acquire specific forms of data, what have you learnt from the data, why is it useful and so on.

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