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how is the nightlife at norwich university of the arts
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how is the nightlife at nottingham trent university
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how is the nightlife at leeds art university
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how is the nightlife at arts university bournemouth
It's been cancelled this year due to a significant rise in ennui.
You are now lucky enough to be free to concentrate on your studies without unnecessary distractions.
Nature walks and trails are available for the odd weekend break but regular showers after squash should be sufficient.
Finish the evening with a good game of chess and retire with your favourite philosopher - say a bit of Kant or Nietzsche.

Your welcome.:u:
Here's the clubs and their run-downs (based off of personal experience) :smile:

Rock City - Good night, different rooms for different genres of music, can't really go wrong with this one

Unit 13 - DnB and RnB, mainly DnB, nice venue, ketty music

Stealth - Also DnB, known as a crackhead asylum-esque venue, good music (There's also Rescue Rooms which is free, Indie/Rock music)

Pryzm - So bad and full of uncles. nothing more to say.

Cucamara - the best place on planet earth, sticks of vomit but the tunes are good and its super cheap

NG-One - Usually a freshers club, you'll go twice and never return

Popworld - no

Ocean - probs one of your best nights out, dress up in weird-ass outfits and get drunk

The Cell - okay i guess, not got an opinion really
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how is the nightlife at norwich university of the arts

Hiya, I've merged your threads as it's general best to just start one discussion if you have a query. :smile:

So you're looking at...
Norwich, Nottingham, Leeds, Bournemouth.

Nottingham and Leeds are both large cities with multiple unis, they have a significant student community presence and if party nightlife is something you're interested in then I doubt you'll be disappointed. Leeds especially also has a vibrant rock/metal scene.

Bournemouth is a seaside town, with 2 universities but also a lot of elderly residents and a vibrant tourist industry. It isn't the biggest scene for a rave but you will still find venues to party at. Bournemouth is technically a town but with nearly half a million residents it is the largest town in the UK that isn't a city.

Norwich is smaller still, but it being the largest city in the area means its your best chance of a party East of Cambridge (which itself isn't spectacular for a clubbing scene).

Now is where I point out that nightlife shouldn't be top priority for university selection, but you asked the question so here is my advice. ^

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