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EPQ help needed!

I need help deciding on an EPQ title. I want to focus my project on English Literature and I've chosen 'how does young-adult literature romanticise toxic relationships?' for my question but I'm starting to doubt if it's a good title and I'm unsure if it will be specific enough. Will this be okay or should I think about changing it?
This sounds like a good idea, however I'd recommend narrowing it down to make it easier for yourself.
Although a key part of the EPQ is 'developing and realising' (AO3 for AQA) so as long as you make it clear your initial idea and why you felt it needed narrowing down etc. you can get marks for it.
You could perhaps look at this within a specific literary genre or time period? and choose a few specific works to focus on.
Hope this helps :smile:
Good short online free course about doing an EPQ - including how to choose a topic -

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