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French A level

Could anyone give me tips on how to get better at the gap fill question? Like any sites where u can practice/access absolutely loads or just ur top tips that make it easier for you to figure out?
- past papers
- figure out what kind of word is needed to make the gap make sense
Eg if it’s a verb, narrow your options to the ones that have the corresponding ending to the subject pronoun given
- prepositions & de) also help sift through some options when it comes to verbs too eg soigner and s’occuper. They both mean the same thing (ish) but if there’s a “de” after the gap then it’s s’occuper because that’s how it’s always written
- a website called lawless french can help you learn which verbs always have prepositions after them
- when it comes to adjectives, certain ones come before the noun while the vast majority come after. Usually an adjective comes before the noun if it falls into one of these categories: Beauty, Age, Newness or Number, Goodness, Size (BANGS)
This can also help you sift through your options

Hope this helps!
I basically use lawless french to learn grammar and french culture

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