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How do you like to listen to music?

Random suggestions, by genre, a playlist, your favorite albums?

Or more literally, do you prefer headphones, speakers, earbuds?
I like to pick songs as I listen, and find new music by genre, artist or YouTube suggestions.
Mainly random suggestions from my personal radio on Apple Music or I click on a song on Spotify and they play me similar songs. I still have stuff downloaded but recently I enjoy that more
my own created playlists or just shuffle all downloaded music

earbuds because I don't bother others/worry about music being judged. also easier to carry than headphones and I'm no audiophile
My favourite albums/ genres usually. Then if I want to branch out and find new artists Spotify recommends new songs to me so I give them a listen.

As for listening I mostly use earbuds
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I have everything I own on permashuffle.

I use a portable drive for work, and I still use an iPod classic for travelling.

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