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should i do a level politics???

im in a struggle to figure if it is worth it doing a level politics.
i picked econ and geog as well, and I know they are both essay based subjects too. personally, I'm not the best in essay based subjects (eng lit 7 and eng lang 6 in gcse mocks) so idk if doing another essay base would be beneficial to me.

ik that this subject is mostly taken by people that are so sweaty, in set 1 english and I'm afraid if I would be able to compete against them, especially I dont have much political knowledge - I only got into politics because of the ukraine russia war but got very invested in it.

i want to do urban planner as my career although it might change to surveying - not decided 100% - I reckon politics would be an icing on a cake for urban planning as well?

ur suggestions will help me a lot thanks.
I take History, English Literature, and Politics a-level!
I have to say that Politics doesn't require incredible essay writing skills, because every essay is very much a point, explanation and a fact, so it's very straight to the point. I find english essays much more difficult. Only 3 of my politics class also take english, with the others taking things like economics, business and sociology, so don't worry if you struggle with essay writing, because as long as you know the information, you'll easily learn how to write a politics essay.
As for political knowledge, I knew very little when I first started it in year 12, and there's always going to be varying degrees of knowledge in class. However, in some ways this is really useful because we all learn from each other's knowledge. I would say that if you do pick politics, then it's really helpful to keep up with current affairs because you always need more examples.
Hope this helps!

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