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Do you want to become a Clinical Scientist?

Clinical Scientists work in a wide variety of roles within the healthcare sector. Clinical Sciences graduates at Bradford have progressed to postgraduate study, leading to careers in medicine, the healthcare sciences and other healthcare roles such as Physician Associate, dentist and healthcare commissioning.

Our BSc (Hons) in Clinical Sciences is a multidisciplinary course with a clinical focus and strong emphasis on anatomy, physiology and evidence-based medicine. Graduates will leave Bradford ready to meet the ever-changing needs of challenging healthcare environments.

We also offer a Foundation in Clinical Sciences/Medicine for students who wish to progress onto the BSc in Clinical Sciences, other healthcare careers, or apply to medical school, but who do not have science A levels or the entry requirements for direct entry to Year 1.

Any Clinical Science questions? Just ask :smile:

If I complete year 1 of the clinical sciences course but am unable to get the transfer to medicine, would it be possible for me to transfer to another course such as pharmacy?

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