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Learning to drive

Hi all,

I'm Harris and I am a student Journalist in my final semester of my Hons degree. As part of my final project I am creating a website about the future of motoring and one of the features I am writing looks at the use of driving simulators in learner driver training.

I'm looking to get the perspective of a few learner drivers, towards whether or not they think using a realistic driving simulator as well as, or before getting behind the wheel of a real car, would be beneficial in calming nerves and making them safer drivers. Is this something you would consider using if it was an option to you? Were you very stressed and anxious before your first few lessons in a real car? Or do you think it would confuse you and make your driving in the physical car worse?

Looking for all opinions and thoughts from learner drivers or recently passes. No wrong answers!

Thanks for taking the time to read my query and hopefully some of you can chime in to help.


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