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should i live on campus or in the city?

i go to UWE this september and i have no idea if i should live in the city or on campus.

My campus is gonna be pretty far from the city (20/30 mins bus) and because i don’t really wanna share a bathroom, the only accomodation i would wanna live in on campus would be pretty expensive (£160/wk).

However, in the city, the accomodation is not only en-suite, it’s also pretty, right in the centre of everything and is a lot cheaper (£140/wk).

I’ve considered basically everything i care about in terms of pros and cons:

On campus:
+More students
+Close to lectures
+Less travel
+5 mins walk to ASDA
+Closer to work

-Expensive accomodation
-Not as pretty accomodation
-Probably lots of fire alarms (tho i cant confirm this)
-Quiet depresses me (obviously wont be as bustling as city)

+Pretty accomodation
+Cheap accomodation
+Centre of everything
+Easily visit different places
+Short bus to ASDA/ALDI/Shopping Centres (10 mins)

-Less people
-Higher travel cost
-Have to travel to lectures (20/30 mins bus but I used to travel 1.5hrs for sixth form and 1hr for secondary)
-Havent viewed accomodation so gambling with size/looks (pictures look good)

The one thing i cant decide though is if im gonna enjoy my social life. I recently went to an open day and was told theyd recommend living on campus as most students will be too. Obviously this should help with socialising and making friends. This is pretty important to me as im terrified of being lonely.

I will 99% be working part-time so i dont think i’ll be in financial agony if i can budget properly. So money is a bit less important than social life but it is definitely very important. I know i will suffer with money anyways but i dont wanna make it worse with rent and travel.

I really cant make a decision, please help. Should i live on campus or in the city?

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