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How to prevent a hobby from taking up my study time?

So I have a hobby of designing fashion items and accessories(and 3D modelling them in my PC computer). However, because of that I have been neglecting my school studies. I even failed a recent test, making my teachers and parents totally disappointed in me (because I used to get good grades before and was a member of the "Honor students"). If I keep failing future tests, then I may not be able to get admitted to a good college/university(and lose the chance of having a bright future) I might even lose affection from my teachers(I think all they care about is good grades anyway, because they treat the Honor students and the other students differently).
I'd tried to give up on this hobby but that made me depressed for days. My mental condition returned to normal when one day, I decided to draw an outfit on the back of my notebook.
Now I feel that I'm totally addicted to designing outfits!
So how can I stop this hobby of mine from taking up excess of my study time?
Give yourself a time limit or do your revision first before y do anything else
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