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How to pickup girls in a club?

How to pickup girls in a club as a black guy??
the same as any other guy
Bend legs.
wrap arms around their waist.
Lift with the legs.
Original post by Anonymous
How to pickup girls in a club as a black guy??

Do the following:-

1) Drop trousers
2) Whip it out for 'em
3) Do the Helicopter
4) Don your biggest cheesiest grin and say "It's true what they say about us"

If she doesn't drop her panties there and then, then she's officially either racist or a lesbian

P.S. If security decide to "have words", don't worry, they're only jealous :top:
Original post by Anonymous
How to pickup girls in a club as a black guy??

OK serious answer now...

When you say Club, I'm assuming you're talking about approaching mainly white girls in a mainstream, "Ritzy", drinks orientated type clubs you find in town centres (normally called Envy, Oceans or similar) ... and you've probably worked out (or experienced) that it's a myth that all girls love a black guy. I'm black myself, so I'll share my experiences with you (cause I'm nice like that).

I've lived in many parts of the country, and I know that most people aren't as open minded as you'd like to think. Yes, there are some white girls who really like black guys, but you need to bear in mind the following:-

1) In reality, they are normally attracted to some kind of well known black stereotype (normally the street-kid / Roadman type, but occasionally the athlete / dancer with the ripped physique,,, and very occasionally the outspoken comedian clown / joker type). Unfortunately, once it's clear you don't fit / match said stereotype, they often lose interest pretty quickly.

2) For every white girl who "loves black guys", there will be at least another 3-4 who wouldn't touch a black guy if the human race depended on it (and that's not an exaggeration lol).

However, while the majority will have a natural preference to white guys, they'll consider a few black guys at their discretion. I'm not saying they would date someone just because they're black or to be PC, but they'll consider maybe that 5-10 % of black guys who can demonstrate they meet her other dating criteria well (whatever that is).

Based on the above, you've realistically got three choices:-

a) Grow a thick skin and accept that you're likely to get more than your fair share of rejections. The consolation is you'll probably appreciate it more if / when you meet "The One".

b) Take some time to work on becoming the best version of "YOU". By this I mean train at the gym to get in good shape; make sure your clothes, haircut etc. are all on-point; work on your charm / banter etc. etc. If you can't be asked to do all that, then maybe lower your standards / expectations. In either case, you will need to be significantly "higher-value" than the white guys you're competing against.

c) Find a high-profile spot an act in whatever stereotypical black manner you're comfortable with. Then the girls who like black guys will make themselves known to you.

Having said that, there are some areas (normally working class), where they are a melting pot of all different ethnicities, and everyone's basically an equal. For example in London, I know Leyton / Leytonstone or Peckham very much have this vibe. In those kind of places, you'll just be seen as a guy (as opposed to a black guy).

However you decide to approach, I would avoid approaching them on the dancefloor, as you'll almost certainly come across as a sleazebag; even if you think you're playing it cool. Unfortunately as a black guy, it'll be even worse for you. The exception is if you can actually dance, and dance well... even then, you're using your dancing as bait to get the girls to come to you. Instead, consider approaching in other places (e.g. at the bar, in the smoking area etc.)

I know it's not the magic answer you maybe wanted, but it's probably the most realistic.

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