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Help me choose my Uni

Firm choice: Surrey or Qmul for Business management? Insurance: Greenwich or Roehampton?
Original post by sabsabdzh
Firm choice: Surrey or Qmul for Business management? Insurance: Greenwich or Roehampton?

Hi there,

To introduce myself I’m Joao. In my final year studying BSc Economics at Surrey University, I am working as a Campus Ambassador for JP Morgan. I recently finished my one-year industrial placement as an Economist for the British Government’s Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (Defra). I also had the opportunity to work as a Private Secretary to the Minister of Environment and Biosecurity.

At Surrey Business School, we’re renowned for our excellent research, dynamic learning environment and strong links with industry. Our core BSc (Hons) Business Management course offers a wide choice of optional modules and allows you to explore how organisations of all sizes start, run and thrive.

As a Surrey Business School student, you’ll also get hands-on experience with real businesses and gain entrepreneurial and life skills that will allow you to accelerate your innovative thinking into practice, opening up a wide range of career opportunities.

Our award-winning Professional Training placements prepare students for roles in the industry. We deliver on jobs, too. We were named  the University of the Year for Graduate Employment in The Times/Sunday Times Good University Guide 2022.

If you have any questions about Surrey or uni life, please ask, as I am here to help you out. :smile:

Original post by sabsabdzh
Firm choice: Surrey or Qmul for Business management? Insurance: Greenwich or Roehampton?

I think what could help you choose your university, is creating a comparison list of all your universities, like a con and pro list or list all the things you want you university to have and then give it a rating out of 5 and see which university ticks most boxes. (This is how I chose my university)
Also, if you can travel to the place you're going to study (and accommodation if you're not living at home) that would be great. But if that's not possible then look at Google Street view and have a look around. I did that for all my universities, picked my accommodation for a uni on Google map and then looked at the street view of what I would see everyday on my way to university. I could imagine myself enjoying it there, so that's important.
Oh and if you're living away from home, look at what shops are around your accommodation.

Hope that helped a bit, good luck!!
The most important thing is that you go somewhere that you are happy and that you’ll have a good time.

I’m not saying that you should be wild and go clubbing all night long and end up with a poor degree classification, however it’s not worth going to a ‘prestigious’ institution if you are miserable and have an awful experience and you could have a better social life/more friends/participating in more activities etc if you go to a lower academically ranked university.
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Have you looked at the course detail for all these Unis?
What is compulsory, what optional units are available in each year of the course - which ones interest you, which would you choose if you went there, and why? What extras are avilable - study abroad, placements etc - these really add to your graduate CV.

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