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How do you cope with chronic illness when your brain is wired like this

I was diagnosed with it recently -it’s mild on my scalp and and genitals but after reading about it it says the risk of arthititis (due to the immune system attacking the joints) is 1 in 3 and heart disease is increased even in mild cases because of the chronic systemic inflammation

I’m worried as it’s preventing me from feeling healthy- I usually work out and pride myself on my health(sad but it’s how I am always have been) but now this puts a huge dampener on my strive to be in the best health possible. There are tons of studies saying that many people with psoriasis get arthiritis which needs treating with harsh drugs and artery disease.

It makes me feel differently about myself like I have this inflammation inside and I’m going to be damaged if you know what I mean. Again it sounds sad but whenever I’ve felt down in life the only thing that’s cheered me up is my health and I feel it’s been taken away.

The best way I can explain is that it’s like when you buy a piece of furniture/car/clothing and notice there’s a small rip in it ie it’s damaged and it plays on your mind. Except there’s nothing you can do with health as you can’t replace your body.

Even though there are things I can do to reduce my risk it still doesn’t sit well with my brain. It’s hard to explain but the above analogy is the best way I can. Even back at school the fact that I was health and ‘unbroken’ cheered me up- I’d do exercises every morning at 14 motivated by the fact that I was disease free and was getting stronger
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Your brain sounds perfectly normal & if you are feeling blighted by psoriasis I would say that's pretty normal to feel fed up with it all too.

You are bound to feel devastated if you have been diagnosed with a skin condition that you understand my cause you to have to take strong medication for the rest of your life just to ease the symptoms and not to cure it.

It is easy for me to say, but in a way you will be privileged, you will be in tune with your body and its systems. You will understand better than many many people how your immune system works, what messes up your system and how life stress affects your own immune system; plus what can cause flare ups for you personally with your immune system. That can help a little, but I am sure that is cold comfort, particularly when you are still trying to come to terms with it.

The only forward looking item is that medical research is progressing and just maybe one day there will be a genetic breakthrough soon which can massively help your condition. I hope so for you and hope you can get some inspirational replies here too.

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