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Music that captures the spirit of youth (Gameplay with Baby Queen)

I'm drawing a blank here, I don't tend to play games with characters whose youth is important enough to be reflected in the soundtrack. :laugh: So I'll go with a nice ambient track from the Creatures 2 incubation room area - can't get more youthful than that. :p:

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If the spirit of youth is equal to nostalgia, I can count so many pokemon soundtracks. Here I go!

And I have some more in my sleeve!
About to listen to this one now - will it rejuvenate me, or just make me feel old and cranky? Time to find out! :shakecane:
Never Alone - Trailer: Behind the Scenes: Is this what youth sounds like? :iiam:

The Gardens Between - Spirit Duet: Melancholic.

Life is Strange - Max & Chloe: Warmer, more positive.

Night in the Woods - Angus at Home: Very nice. Need to play this some day.

Gone Home - The House parts 1 & 2: Good game, and I'd forgotten how good the music was too.

What Remains of Edith Finch - The Finale: Nicest track so far.

Broken Age - The Final Battle: Much more dramatic! Still waiting for the 'final showdown / boss music' playlist that I asked for in the request thread. :puppyeyes:

Undertale - It's Raining Somewhere Else: Odd, but good.

Ikenfell - Rose and Thorns: Battle with Aeldra: Brilliant.

Rule of Rose - Theme: YES. I am a sucker for violins.

Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons - Main Theme: Also fantastic.

Tell me Why - Confession: Dark ambience, chilling stuff.

Earthbound - Theme of Twoson: Lighter, more retro sounding.

Oxenfree - Days Past: This is on my 'to play' list. Looking forward to the rest of the soundtrack, if this is any indication of its quality!

A Normal Lost Phone - Demos Loud Notes: 90% sure I have this game too from one past giveaway or another. Spookiest so far. :afraid:

A Short Hike - Race Me!: Jolly little outro. :yy:

Great playlist. :congrats:

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