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have the ick for my friend

i had a lot of realisations about my close friend last week and idk how to feel, like i feel evil for feeling this way. basically, i noticed whenever i was hanging out with my friends in my other classes, i'm always happy to introduce her to them but she doesn't do the same for her friends (tbh she has like 2 other friends besides me and has made no effort to introduce me to them) and whenever she does talk to my other friends, she'll actually try and become friends with them (bear in mind, this isn't what i haven't an issue with. it's the fact it's with EVERY single one of my friends she'll start hanging out with them without me and tell me about their conversations, forgetting i even introduced her to them)

she told me about a crush she had for months only last week, which i found slightly weird because i tell her everything all the time and she's so closed off with me. for a bit of context, there was a rumour her crush liked me but it was never confirmed. this was ages ago tho and since then we've been sort of mates. anyways, whenever me, my friend and her crush walk out of class together, she says absolutely nothing and makes the convo so awkward between us. i'm literally having to avoid him now because it's making me feel awkward whenever we have conversations.

ever since i noticed these things, i realised sort of how fake her personality can be sometimes. she'll laugh so loud at everything and recycle the same jokes which aren't even funny again and again. idk what happened to her, she used to be so funny and just normal and we used to get on so well and now she's just different. i just find it weird how we've both moved into a sixth form from new schools and she's not made 1 friend besides me, other than trying to be friends with my friends.

any tips to get rid of this ick? i really don't want to lose her as a friend because we do have some good times together
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her only other friends besides me are her 2 friends who moved into this new sixth form with her from her old school

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