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My chances of applying to US universities from UK?

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Original post by pet973
Right, lets get a few useless myths out of the way.
There's well over 50 US Universities that might provide enough financial aid for you to attend at a cost that's affordable for your family in their calculation. Try out a few net price calculators (without saying you're international, just pick a random US state for residence or it won't work for you.) In most cases they are accurate (I was admitted to 3 US colleges, they all came in within a few hundred dollars of the calculators, and all of them worked out cheaper than UK Unis for me.
I hade good grades but not stellar, a few decent activities and good essays. None of the Universities were in the top 10 (Ivys and such), but all were top 50 or so, meaningless as that stat is.
So check that the colleges you're interested in meet full need for internationals, and DO NOT worry about the need-blind/need-aware terminology. It's pretty useless- if a college is interested in you, it won't matter. It only really applies for borderline candidates, maybe less that 10% of the internationals admitted. There's a very useful financial aid guide in the sticky posts, definetely have a look at that!

As far as working in Finance, I'd say it's the US colleges are not necessarily an advantage. LSE (especially) and Warwick economics would be as good as getting you into the door as any US school. Yes, Harvard or Yale are great for placement, but you're not American so you'd more likely have to look for a job in the city of london anyway because of visa issues. And there's plenty of American Investment banks and funds in the UK.
If you decide to apply to the US it should be more of a choice based on a less specialised, broader style of education, and the Campus colture and lifestyle. The end results for a job will be similar, but the process of learning at Uni is quite different- dive deeper into how the US system works and see if it would suit you better. I much prefer it, it's more varied, free and interesting, but others feel the opposite. Horses for courses.

thank you very much

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