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Difference between subshell and orbital exam question

These are both the same question essentially but one mark scheme says orbital and the other says subshell, knowing they're not the same, why is there a difference in these questions. What is the difference in these two questions. This is AQA A level chemistry. Does it matter whether I say orbital or subshell?
Question 1)
State how the element sulphur deviates from the general trend in first ionisation
energies across Period 3. Explain your answer.

Answer 1.
Lower (1)
If not lower CE = 0/3
If blank mark on
Allow does not increase
Two/pair of electrons in (3)p orbital or implied(1)
Not 2p
repel (each other)
M3 dependent upon a reasonable attempt at M2(1)

Question 2)
(f) There is a general trend in the first ionisation energies of the Period 3 elements, Na– Ar
(ii) Explain why the first ionisation energy of sulphur is lower than would be
predicted from the general trend.

Answer 2)
QoL reference to the e–pair in the 3p sub-level(1)
(penalise if wrong shell, e.g. ‘2p’, quoted)
repulsion between the e– in this e–pair(1)
(if not stated, ‘e– pair’ must be clearly implied)
(mark M4 and M5 separately)
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