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Was I being a bad host to my friend ?

LONG STORY (apologies in advance)

My friend (S) texted me on Thursday telling me she wanted to come see me for the weekend. I told her that I had work on Fridays and Saturdays. We agreed that she's meet me at my work place on Saturday. She ended up cancelling last minute that Saturday, only to tell me (during my lunch break) that she was coming after all. I meet her around 4pm, she told me that she would be staying until Tuesday due to a job interview she had in my area, and that she hadn't eaten all day. We are both uni students so extreme spending was not something we could do. So when we got back to my dorm, I made us a meal and we ended the day well, catching up and watching movies. I apologized that I wasn't able to buy any snacks (she is a gym rat, so protein bars/snacks) due to me have classes all day on Thursday and obviously work the next few days following. She said she understood and that it was no problem.

Earlier that week I had invited a friend (A) to come over on Sunday. I wanted to cook us all a meal again, but had to do some grocery shopping. It turned out I hadn't bought enough chicken (and that's were everything went down hill). I apologized to them and said I'd go to my boyfriend place and get some of his (we live on the same campus) the chicken had been in the freezer which I didn't know as it wasn't the day before. (A) said he could defrost it but it would take a while. That's when my friend (S) started complains saying I was making her starve since she came here, that I was a bad host, I was slow and sluggish. That I never even bought her snack or offered her water or bought her food when she said she Hadn't eaten all day in Saturday. Stormed off saying he's was going back her bags and leave (it was around 9pm now), my friend (A) managed to talk her out of it while she was packing, then she got pissed off at me for not stopping her from packing at that I would just let her leave around this time of day.

She even ordered food even though I had finished cooking by then, saying she didn't want my food anymore

Did I really do something wrong?

This eay morning I woke up to a loud bang at the door. She had packed her stuff and left.
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You did nothing wrong, you're not her private chef.
Your friend sounds very entitled. Are you a servant? You are busy and you have responsibilities. She is the one who can't make up her mind. Don't feel bad for doing nothing wrong.

Your friend sounds entitled and immature.
If she wanted to eat at a specific time or have a specific meal, she should have bought/cooked it herself.
She had plenty of options that did not involve you including: going to a restaurant, buying a ready meal, ordering a takeaway and bringing along a packed meal.
You absolutely did nothing wrong.

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