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Taking a gap year to study science

I have not taken any science subjects in my AS levels. I now suddenly developed an interest in science. I obviously cannot do the entire syllabus of this year in a month so after A levels, is it possible for me to take a gap year and study for my AS and A level exams in science from EdExcel? Do I need to be a student in a school to take the tests after my A levels (Which would be in Business Economics English Accounting and Psychology) or can I just register with EdExcel as a private candidate and do it? Help, I am stuck.
I didn't study any sciences and spent a year doing an access course, it is the equivalent of a levels and allowed me to be accepted into university. Maybe do some research and you can see if they have a course for your particular subject or just any sciences.
There are Foundation courses at some Unis for those with good grades but in the 'wrong' subjects.

Loughborough :
Biological Sciences -
Birmingham :
Chemistry -
Southampton :
Comp Sci -
Engineering -

Etc etc.

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