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my boyfriends family give me the ick …

for context, my boyfriend and I are both 21. i come from a very loud, open, honest family. we’re about as far from ‘reserved’ as possible. my mother is European and raised my siblings and I to eat everything, and our dog was trained in a very classical manner (given long walks, treated like bottom of the hierarchy etc) (this was all become relevant in a minute!)

my boyfriend’s family are the complete opposite. he was raised in an environment where his parents would discourage him from trying new foods ‘in case he wouldn’t like it’ (he’s now extremely fussy and it bothers me so much.) they also absolutely pamper their dog in the sense of buying it ridiculous clothes and allow it to jump on the table (they’d never dare telling it off!). However, they also don’t fulfil basic responsibilities such as giving it daily walks for the fear of it running off.

in short, our families are POLAR OPPOSITE. and I am
very close to mine and proud of the way I have been raised. When he defends his parents’ frivolousness regarding their dog, or asks my mum not to include 10 different food items in his dinner, it really does give me the ick!!
what should I do??
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Why doesit matter? You're going out with your boyfriend, not his family, and you chose to do so...
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See your GP. They have a cream for that now. Use protection next time.
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See your GP. They have a cream for that now. Use protection next time.

nah this comment is too much loooooooooooooooooooooool
To be honest I get it? I get all your issues- I was brought up in a similarish way to you so to me some of those things are strange, but then again I do understand all families will be different in their dynamics and the way they do things
Ultimately you are dating your boyfriend and not his family and so you need to decide if you can put up with the issues he has (the fussy eating for example and potentially him passing down the way he was brought up to your future kids, if you choose to have them)

Personally, I think it is kind of rude that he's asking your mum to not include 10 items of food when cooking as she's going out of her way to make dinner (but then again I was brought up in a similar way to you, and even if I didn't like something, if someone made it for me I would just eat it)
I guess I'd want more information about the context of some scenarios, however, I think for now you need to decide if it is something you can deal with. Are you happy with your boyfriend and his attitudes? Does it matter that much to you?
Decide whether it's worth it. If you plan to cook for a family, would you cater to his very limited palate? If your family and his family became intertwined, would you be accepting of them bringing that dog over to your house? Is your boyfriend the problem, or his family? If you see a future with him, sit down and think carefully.

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