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Is it against the rules?

to get external help with statistical analysis as part of a thesis?

I have to do quantitative research for my MSc, but have zero experience of SPSS or stats (apart from basic skills).

If it’s kosher, can anyone recommend a company?

Thanks 🙇🏻*♀️
Learning or analysis?

Do an online course or LinkedIn learning module/course to learn how to undertake such analysis, no. because you’re not getting someone to manipulate/analyse the data. I would suggest doing one of those or utilising a book that could teach you analysis or w/e.

getting some to code &/or write analyse of your own data, it would be against the rules. You’re ask whether or not the work you are submitting is the authors complete own & it would be a breach of academic integrity.

I would suggest either doing a LinkedIn learning course for SPSS or look at how other ppl have used such data - stackflow, papers etc and look at books and use what you have previously learnt about stats, to work out what test you need to run.

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