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Cardiff Uni or University of Nottingham

Hi, I'm currently struggling between choosing Cardiff Uni or Uni of Nottingham to study Human Geography (Human Geography and Planning at Cardiff) but I have no idea which one to firm and I need to be quick as Nottingham accommodation opens up on the 4th of April.

Cardiff has the exact course I want to do, no exams only coursework, the city feels more homely, not too far away from anything and the nightlife seems great. Although, I didn't like the campus that much and likewise with accommodation and they are cutting down on going on trips abroad.

At Nottingham it is closer to home, the campus is so nice, great sports facility, lots of professors, trips abroad, great societies, and good nightlife. However, it is further away from the main city, the city overall doesn't seem as safe in comparison to Cardiff, it doesn't have the exact course (Human Geography and Planning) as in the first year they study Physical geography which I hate.
So if anyone could help me decide or have any points for either uni it would help so much. Thank you!! :smile:) x

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