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AS Physics HELPP!! Photoelectric Emission

If a photon hits an electon present in the first shell of an atom with energy equalling to work function, will that electron be emitted out of the atom as a photoelectron?
is it going to reach the last shell of the atom and then get de-excited and fall back to it's original place, because it doesn't have any extra energy which it can use as kinetic energy to move out of the atom after reaching the last shell?
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The work function is the minimum amount of energy needed for an electron to escape an atom. If you give an electron energy equal to the work function, it will escape the atom. It loses kinetic energy as it moves away from the atom and only reaches 0 kinetic energy at infinity. However, in real physics, we never have exactness. You can't really give exactly 2J of energy to anything. It's always something like 2.001J or so on.

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