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how to revise gcse geography

hi, im doing gcse geography and i don't know how to properly and revise concisely for it
should I just do past papers?
are there any good methods in memorizing for this subject
Tbh all I do is just write down the key words/facts on one side of the flash card. On the opposite side I write questions relating to that info.
I’ve got about 30 flash cards altogether for geography. I need to make more tho for a topic I’ve just learn.
For case studies I make a mind map
Oh and I do practice papers as well! Especially the case study ones as I struggle on 6/8/12 markers
hello! i'm a year 11 geography student averaging at a grade 8. My top tips would be to use flashcards, especially for key terms and case studies! then I would write mind maps without notes and then adding the bits you forgot after to keep processing the info. Then you could do some past papers!

hope this helps:smile:

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