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HSPS vs PPE - Jobs

I’m a Y10 student and I’d like to do either PPE at Oxford or HSPS at Cambridge after my A-Levels.

I’m leaning towards HSPS strongly as I’m quite mediocre at maths (predicted grade 7, GCSE) and Cambridge recommends strongly that you take A-Level maths.

In terms of careers and outcomes, does the HSPS course produce much success?- is PPE better for outcomes?
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A better approach might be - "Which of these degree courses am I going to enjoy studying?".

And if you dont know the answer then you need to go to the relevant Uni Open Days and listen to the subject presentations, and ask questions.

TSR Guide to PPE (and not just at Oxford) -
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PPE is better if you want a finance job due to the Econ element but tbh if you have any degree from Oxbridge you will have good job opportunities. Also for PPE at other top unis (LSE and UCL) you are required to have an A* in maths A-Level, let alone GCSE. Economics may seem like a drag if you don't even like maths to a GCSE level.

You are still in year 10 so you could still probably achieve a 8 or 9 in maths, predicted grades are not that accurate before y11.

So overall, job opportunities will be great for anything you do at Oxbridge so pick the course you like more! (Btw Cambridge offers HSPS or Land Economy and Oxford offers PPE)
Cambridge only offers HSPS, Oxford offers PPE.

You might be surprised, I only got a 6 at GCSE maths but did well in my A-Level maths.

In terms of job prospects, it doesn't matter. Either degree will land you a job.

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