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Dissertation Project - Mandala Colouring Intervention

Good Afternoon, I am currently recruiting participants for my Master's in Clinical Psychology. Please see below for the advert approved in the ethics application. Please note that despite the research topic, you do not need to struggle with anxiety or sleep difficulties to be eligible for participation. Thanks in advance!

You are invited to participate in research on the effects of mandala colouring on anxiety and sleep. Research studies have shown that anxiety (including Generalised Anxiety Disorder) and sleeping difficulties often co-occur (Belanger, Morin, Lanlois and Laouceur, 2004). There has been increased interest in self-management techniques for anxiety difficulties, with an increasingly popular method being adult colouring books (Halzach, 2016). Despite the link between anxiety and sleep, no research has previously investigated the effects of colouring on sleep difficulties alongside anxiety. This study looks at the effects a 7-day mandala colouring intervention has on Generalised Anxiety symptomatology and sleep difficulties to expand this research area. Adults who are 18+, have good English reading skills and are not currently taking any substances that may affect their sleep are invited to participate. If you volunteer to participate, please follow the link below, which will take you to the Participant Information Sheet (containing further information) and a consent form. Should you provide consent, you will be asked to engage in 10 minutes of mandala colouring a night for 7 days (the resources will be provided), and after the 7 days, you will be asked to complete the questionnaires again.

If you have any further questions before deciding to participate, please find below the researcher’s contact details:

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