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uni worries :/

applied for politics at UCL, KCL, LSE, Bristol and Exeter and have offers from all of them. however, i’m starting to panic about going to uni, and i’m not sure what to do. i’m very close with my family after being diagnosed with cancer a couple years ago, and although i’m better now i don’t think i should go too far away to uni. i live in sussex, which means the closest ones to me are the london ones, but all i’ve heard from people is how isolating they are, which is worrying me. i’m not sure whether to apply to surrey through clearing / extra - but this would mean that i have to pull out of my current options, which would be risky if i don’t get in / cant secure good accom and i’m already on a gap year and don’t want to do another one. i’m also aware this uni is lower ranked - i really want to work in policy to help other people like me either in the NHS or civil service. i know LSE / UCL have good reputations for careers, but considering i don’t want to go anywhere near finance / law, will this make any difference for me? i have good grades (A*A*A achieved), and solid GCSEs too even though i was receiving chemo during my exams. i’m also considering a degree apprenticeship, such as the social change QMUL one, but i’m worried about being overloaded as you have to complete a degree and work full time with no holidays apart from annual leave. does anyone have any advice?? i’m starting to panic a bit :/
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This is very much a personal decision for you and your family.

However, ultimately, your health - both physical and mental - are important, and taking on something that you already feel is stressful, doesnt sound like a great idea. What opportunites are available to you on graduation do not entirely depend on the name of the Uni you went to. For a career in the public sector, Bristol is well placed as it has a strength in politics/social policy, and for the public sector, one of the London Unis wouldnt give you any obvious advantage. Bristol is a top Uni but the pace of life is easier and and this may suit you better than being somewhere that is mega-competitive and 'too busy' :

If there is anyone at your last school who you could talk all of this over with, that might help - Head of 6th Form, or a tecaher you trusted/liked.

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