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Doing AS Physics over the Summer holidays?


I'm currently studying Chemistry, Biology and Maths, but I've decided I want to do A level Physics as well. Do you think I would be able to catch up on the AS content over the summer holidays so that I could join the A level class in September? I'll revise the GCSE content before then and maybe start looking at the A level content, but I want to priotise the subject I'm currently doing before the holidays so that I get As in my mocks. I know that there's some cross over with mechanics and I got a 9 at GCSE and I'm fully prepared to do at least 6 hours a day.

I have the kerboodle textbook, save my exams and I also plan to use PMT. Are there any other good revision websites for physics?

Thanks :smile:
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Hello, I also take Bio, Chem, Physics and Maths. U could, it is possible, but it will be difficult. Looking over the GCSE content might help, but not tremendously. The content you learn at AS in physics, like literally, kills your soul. Its not what its like at GCSE. Yes, there is mechanics, but its a lot more complicated than SUVAT. The particle stuff is also completely new, as particles were not at GCSE. Electricity became a lot more complex too. I got an 8 in GCSE physics, but ended up with a C in my january mocks for Physics. U can if u want to, its not impossible, but I'd argue that physics is the hardest subject I take.

Those r good websites, but I's recommend a tutor and tuition everyday if u want to achieve good grades in it. I'd also recommend Isaac Physics, as they have rly good videos and the questions they put up r pretty good.

To do well in it, there should be a lot of past paper practice, and i mean a lot. And try and stay motivated. I gave up half way thro, but now im trying again and im acc getting the content now.

physics is my favourite subject, even tho it was my lowest grade, bcs its such a rewarding subject. I enjoy it a lot, even tho the content gets sticky at times. Its hard, but i think its worth it. And u seem like a good student, so i think u can manage.

Good luck, and need any help or questions about AS physics, dms r open

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