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Not sure what research Philosophy my dissertation follows ( need advice / help)

OKAY SO PLEASE only respond if you are already familiar with the onion / honeycomb models

okay so i have researched BOTH the onion and honeycomb.... both are super similar to me so not sure what one to follow in my chapter


i am unsure what philosophy my topic follows. so if you are really familiar with them, could you read below some insights into my dissertation and based on that what do you think it sounds like??

Using Erving Groffman's framework, this dissertation aims to investigate to what extent do advertisements within magazines in 2022 display gender stereotypes of women. In the process of doing so, this research also aims to examine magazines with different gender demographics to investigate which magazine features the most gender stereotypes in their advertisements. In order to achieve these aims, the following objectives will be undertaken
1. Critically review appropriate literature that will relate to Groffman’s work and gender stereotypes within the advertisements in order to provide a theoretical background on theories and concepts that will provide a better understanding of Groffman’s work, gender stereotypes within advertisements and overall, the aims of this study.
2. Collect data by conducting a content analysis of three different magazines with different gender demographics (women, men, gender neutral) by using Groffman’s 6 variable framework, as well as Kang’s and Linda’s three variables, to receive successful results.
3. Compare overall results with previous studies to examine the differences in results, and to discover whether or not stereotypes have increased or decreased within advertisements.
4. Analyse each magazine’s data individually to compare between them, to discover which magazine features the most gender stereotypes in their advertisements.
The methodology of this investigation consists of a quantitative approach, as data will be collected from a content analysis of three magazines

so far i feel its defiantly under a epistemological assumption, and i feel that it is a positivist philosophy and deductive research? the ONLY problem that i have about is that i dont have a hypothiss- just the research question?BUT i do compare my results to previous studies and THEY all have hyposthies so should i add one to my dissertation? as i can create one based on the lit review/ what the previous studies show? ( i have not collected my results yet so it wont interfere with this)

but would a hyppsthis be counted as a research question on its own? or do think i can still have the as my question and the huyptic is resulted from my question and previous studies?

sorry if thats not enough info and i think im just overthinking this.

i also rushed writing this so apologises for grammar mistakes and if it doesn't make sense lmao
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ignore ive worked it out and it wont let me delete

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