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Politics Edexcel 2022

Hey does anyone have any other practice questions other than the ones in the 2019/2020 paper. They don't need to be from the papers perhaps something your teacher have given you or other past papers.
Thank youuuu
My school gave us a list of Big Questions for Paper 1, there's probably more but I don't have time to compile them all. Hope this is helpful:

Democracy and participation:
What are the different types of democracy, and how does direct democracy affect representative democracy?
What are the key features of UK democracy, and how best can people participate in democratic processes?
Is there a case for reforming democracy in the UK?
How could democracy in the UK be reformed, and what is the most effective way to do so?
Who is best placed to defend rights in the UK? Does the HRA sufficiently protect rights?

Political parties:
What is the role of political parties?
Do political parties help or hinder democracy?
Should the state fund political parties?
What role do minor political parties play in UK politics, and what limits their involvement?
Where is the Conservative/Labour/Lib Dem party today?

Electoral systems:
What is the purpose of elections?
How effective are the different electoral systems used in the UK?
Are referendums an effective part of democracy?
What impact do different electoral systems have? What would be the impact on democracy of the introduction of PR for general elections?
Evaluate the view that the UK should adopt PR for general elections.

Voting Behaviour and the Media:
What voting patterns exist across the country in both geographic and demographic terms?
What are the key determinants of the result of general elections?
Does the media have a significant influence on voting behaviour?
Overall, what factor is most significant in determining the success of political parties?

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