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How to revise biology and further maths?

Im struggling with biology and further maths revision.

Im aiming for a 9 in both subjects, although an 8 in further maths will suffice. Does anyone have advice for how I should go about revising these subjects?
I didn't do further maths so I can't help you with that but for biology just do loads of past papers and make sure you definitely do the ones between 2010 and 2019. Note down all your mistakes and keep going over them repeatedly until the exam. This should boost your grade massively and if doesn't for some reason then maybe talk to your teachers about it? I did this and it helped me go from a 7 in my mocks to an 8 in the actual exam where I was pretty close to a 9. Also, depending on how much time you have left, do recent past papers from other exam boards as well, but only do that if you've done all the past papers from your exam board :smile:
I found that doing lots of past paper questions for maths helped me identify my weaker topics. Then I’d just do lots of these questions I found tricky from my text book, up until I was getting it correct each time. You want to repeat this up until you’re getting 90% or above, *consistently* on each paper.

For the even trickier, ugly, topics (in my case, this was mostly histograms/statistics at GCSE or proof questions/mechanics at A-level), I would go to the extent of writing the question on a flashcard, and the steps to get to the correct answer on the back. Obviously, if you devil advocated this method you could say that it runs the risk of the question type being in a different, unusual, context on exam day. However, I found that this method being used alongside actually understanding the topic helps in generating a good thought process that will allow you to get full marks for that question.
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