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How does the speaking test work???

So I am in year 12 but am going to take a GCSE in my home language cause I need it for a uni I'm applying to.

I never did a language originally which is why I'm doing one now. I'm entered as a private candidate at my school so I kindof have to figure it out on my own.

One thing I'm having trouble understanding is the speaking examination. I have found teacher materials online so I somewhat understand the structure but I especially dont understand the general conversation segment.

I'm not sure how much detail I'm supposed to go into, how the conversation is supposed to relate to the themes, if I'm supposed to use a bunch of different tenses, ask questions, etc. I'm doing Urdu so there already are very limited resources I can find and the most I have found is a french speaking exam example on youtube but it doesn't have translation so isn't very useful to me.

If anyone has advice on the speaking test in general or any resources or just explanations for the general conversation I would really appreciate it.
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They are going to ask you questions relating to a topic. For example, in the Spanish one, for the free time topic, they are going to ask you "What do you do in your free time?". It is quite simple. Also you need to ask a question to the examiner, any question relevant to the topic is fine.
I assume that you are fluent in Urdu and that you are doing AQA.
Here's an AQA Urdu GCSE speaking resource:
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They are going to ask you questions relating to a topic. For example, in the Spanish one, for the free time topic, they are going to ask you "What do you do in your free time?". It is quite simple. Also you need to ask a question to the examiner, any question relevant to the topic is fine.

yeah and I think the more detailed(?) complex and accurate your answer is (but not too long of an answer) the higher your mark will be
hello! i'm really not sure if this will be helpful but i'm a year 11 currently studying French GCSE and I can explain what you have to do for French?

So first we have to describe a photo card (in French) on 1 of the 3 themes. there are a few questions (in French) but the first one will always be 'whats in the photo' and it will follow with other questions related to the photo.- make these as complex and accurate as possible!
Then there will be another exercise called a 'role play' where it will give you a setting e.g a restaurant and you will have to answer and ask different questions depending on the photo card you get. - these answers can be very basic but if there accurate you will do well!
For these 2, you will get 12 mins of preparation time where you will get to write down your answers and then during the exam you can just read of the paper

finally, you will have to do a general conversation where you have to answer questions of 2/3 themes. (you pick one and the other is a surprise!) you want these answers to be complex and include different tenses etc. you will then need to ask a question to your examiner at the end!

sorry if a lot of this is waffle! im not sure if this will help! feel free to ask me any other questions and ill do my best to answer! :smile:
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Are you doing AQA or Edexcel?
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Original post by Yellowi
Are you doing AQA or Edexcel?

If you are doing AQA, I can help because I'm doing two speaking AQA GCSE speaking exams this year.
The Speaking is split into three parts: Roleplay, Photo Card and General Conversation.

You should go through the Urdu GCSE specification - it covers everything that you should learn and the three themes.

You get to nominate a theme you want to talk about in the first half of your your general conversation. This leaves two possible themes that your photocard can be. So if you chose Theme 3 to talk about in your general conversation, you can get either a photocard on Theme 1 or Theme 2. Say you got Theme 1 on your photocard, your second half of your general conversation will be on Theme 2. The roleplay can be on any theme.

First, you get 12 minutes all together to prepare for your photo card and roleplay. Make sure that you cover all three tenses (past, present, future) in both of them, and use three verbs for each bullet point on the photocard. Remember, they are not necessarily looking for you to speak complexly but to be accurate so sometimes speaking simple but covering all verbs is best.

- What did you do last weekend?
I went to the park with my friends. We played football. It was fun.

In the general conversation, you should demonstrate more complex language, conjunctions (,in addition, however, on the other hand, but etc), verbs, all three tenses, time phrases (yesterday, tomorrow, then, after etc). In the general conversation you will also have to ask the examiner a question. If you forget to, it's fine because they will prompt you to ask a question at the end if you haven't asked one by saying "have you got a question for me?" and then you ask a question. Make sure to use intonation, and by this I mean don't speak in a flat, monotone voice but put emphasis on certain words like "My sister is VERY annoying". If I can remember from the top of my head correctly the general conversation for higher candidates should last between 5 minutes to 7 minutes. My last tip is to learn responses to certain question, that have good terms in it, because when it comes to the general speaking it's hard to think of a great response that contains everything without hesitating. Therefore, prelearn a few answers that can be applied to each theme and it's okay to answer some questions in the general conversation with short curt ones. Hesitating with ums and errs will make you lose marks, so if you need to think stay silent and then give your response,

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