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Maths (Mechanics) : How to practise resolving forces on a diagram?

I have no teacher for the stats and mechanics part of maths (great school), so I have to self-teach mechanics, and I don't do physics. I keep getting confused about where to put the angle when resolving forces on a rod with moments included. I always put the angle in the wrong place and consequently get the wrong force, e.g. saying R = mgcosα instead of mgsinα. Does anyone have any tips, resources, or links to anything that can help me practise resolving correctly, and show me the method of doing it? I would really appreciate it :3
hey i’d check out tlmaths and pete hart on youtube (pete goes through the edexcel textbooks) and then looking at exam questions and just general questions from mathsgenie.

in general, assuming you’re talking about particles on a slope: cos will always be vertical and sun will be horizontal. this is different for projectiles.

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