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Hi, I don't feel stressed even though I have GCSE's in 5 weeks and I haven't done a huge amount of revision.
People (my parents) are telling me that having a healthy amount of stress is "mandatory" & that I should have stress as it's a "big" event in my life however I beg to differ and I don't feel any stress at all, should I be worried, I feel like if I start stressing out purposely it wont help me at all.
Im also really confused as in my mocks I was a little bit stressed but my parents said "you shouldn't be stressed because you revised, this clearly shows you were not prepaired" (which lied to them about revising).
It's okay not to feel stressed.
But you have been preparing yourself for this 'big event' for the last few years, and at this time only a little inattention can hamper your results. So instead of getting stressed about not getting stressed, carry on with your revision, find out your lackings and try to improve them.
Good luck with your exams!:smile:
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