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I'm going to Chelsea College of Arts in September, does anyone have any recommendations for shared flats. I'm not really betting on being on campus, so I think another option would be to share a flat that's close to school. Maybe 30mins to an hour away max.
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I wouldn't recommend staying at Glassyard (a UAL Halls residence), the place has a lot of problems with plumbing, heating, ventilation and overall quality. The staff at Glassyard were nice but its managed by a different company (Fresh Student Living) and the UAL can't really do anything about what goes on there. In the Winter the building freezes and in the Summer it becomes insanely hot and the boilers are known to break quite regularly. The building on the outside looks great but on the inside, its quite grubby and falling to pieces because it was built on the cheap (and a lot of corners were cut)

- Price-wise it was very so-so (if not, actually kind of expensive)...If you have the confidence or means, I'd recommend flat sharing in private accommodation as you'll probably get somewhere that is both cheaper & nicer. Socially, I did fine at Glassyard (lived with about 8 people over the course of a year during the pandemic and got on with all but 1) but I'm aware that some people had really nightmare experiences living with others. Kitchen sharing & hygiene is often a cause for consternation with many people in halls, as well as late night partying. Almost everyone I knew went to look for private accommodation after 1 year at Glassyard, despite it being possible to stay at halls for the entire duration of a course.

+ One benefit of Glassyard is that its very near to the Brixton Markets, which sell a lot of great produce.

- But the general area is kinda high in crime and can feel a bit sketchy at night sometimes.

+ But there is at least small corner shop where you can buy basic essentials directly by the building (so if you need to pop out late at night, you don't need to venture much).

I never went to the other halls, but general impression that I got is that they also all have a lot of issues and were very "mixed bag" deals.

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