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Hi,I have received an offer for both Fal and Bath spa to study fine art. I was wondering if anyone could help with which uni would be best. I'm quite social and like a good night out- clubbing is something I do enjoy every now and then, does Falmouth have any good clubs/bars? How are the facilities at the unis?
Hey billy2001,

If you're stuck between multiple Universities that are offering similar courses, then there are a few things to look out for and ask yourself. I think there are 3 key things to consider; the city, student life, and the course itself.

First of all, which location do you think you would prefer to live in? Do you prefer what Falmouth or Bath has to offer? It's important to ask yourself this because you will be living there for at least a year and there are lots of differences between the two. Have a look at key things like the transport links and nearby towns, as well as what kind of entertainment, activities and nightlife is available in the city.

Similarly, have a look at what student life looks like at each university. Perhaps follow their social media channels to find out what you can expect from being a student at each of your choices. Ask yourself these questions and do some research into the following: What events are run by the University for students to get involved in? Are there opportunities for collaboration between courses? What is the Students' Union like at each University? Does one offer some societies that you are interested in, which the other doesn't have?

Next, consider the course itself. The above should give you a good idea of student life and whether it would suit you, but you can also look at the student satisfaction rates for each course. League tables aren't always reflective of which course is 'better', but student satisfaction rates are a good way of ascertaining which course could be better for you as a student. Looking at the course content, take a look at the course modules for each course, which appeals to you more? I'd also recommend taking a look at the student work produced by those studying on the courses, some universities will display this on their website or a course-specific Instagram. This can be a great way to work out which course is better for you, as you will be able to see what type of work the students get up to.

Lastly, have a look at the lecturers that teach that course, and what their backgrounds are. All Plymouth College of Art teachers have experience in their respective fields and this is important for creative subjects because they will have contacts and know other people in the industry which can help your chances at landing an interview, getting work experience, or even being able to get in contact with your dream company. Most universities will include the course staff on the web page, so definitely take a look there.

Hopefully a current student or rep from Falmouth will be able to answer your questions about the nightlife, but I hope this will help you with what to consider in the meantime.

Student Union President and BA(Hons) Photography Graduate
Drawing Tresco, Falmouth University
Falmouth University

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