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ayia napa or ibiza?

me and my friend (both 18 and girls) are going on holiday this summer and we cannot decide if we want to go to napa of ibiza? i’m leaning more towards ibiza because i want the best clubbing holiday but she’s worried about the price? so what do you think is the better destination
I'd go for Ibiza.
Maybe also consider Crete, Gran Canaria, Lanzarote, Lisbon, Magaluf, Marbella, Rome, Santorini, Tenerife and Zante.

I wouldn't recommend Ayia Napa as a suitable venue for a girls holiday or hen party event.
Too many young British & American women in the 18-30 age bracket are sharing very unpleasant memories of their trips to Ayia Napa, generally connected with safety issues and cleanliness problems.
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Compared Experience: Ibiza (2023) vs Ayia Napa (2022) - A Candid Review of Party Destinations
As a fan of festive spots, my sister (22) and I (24) explored the nightlife of Ibiza and Ayia Napa during their busiest seasons (late July and early August). Our quest for the perfect party led us to some unexpected conclusions.
Ibiza: The Disappointment
Having visited Ayia Napa a year before, our excitement for Ibiza was immense, especially following our excellent experience at Ayia Napa. We prepared a packed schedule, including 5 nights at Ushuaia, visits to Ibiza, Pachaclub, Swagg club, and Eden Ibiza, not to mention the ambient bars. The budget? 1000€ just for partying for 18 days without alcohol, just the price of entries.

(In those photos, we were crammed together, unable to dance, only able to raise our hands. Depending on the club, it was impossible to see the artist because the crowd was so dense. The atmosphere felt more like a packed subway at rush hour than a festive dance floor. The limited space restricted not only our movements but also our ability to fully immerse in the music and the overall experience. It was a challenge to even make our way through the crowd, and the idea of a comfortable spot to enjoy the performance seemed like a distant dream. The overwhelming number of people made it a struggle to connect with the music or the artist, turning what should have been an exhilarating night out into a test of endurance.)

The Bitter Reality of Ibiza
Once there, our enthusiasm quickly turned to disillusionment. The overcrowding in clubs made the experience not only uncomfortable but dangerous, highlighting a blatant disregard for customer safety. Big names like Guetta, Calvin Harris, or Garrix couldn't make up for the unbearable crowd density. The disappointment was palpable each night, with a recurring feeling of being scam.

The Oasis of Pool Parties
Fortunately, pool parties, especially at Obeach, allowed us to dance and fully enjoy the music. These were the only times we could truly enjoy Ibiza's festive atmosphere.

Ayia Napa: The Unexpected Revelation
On the other hand, Ayia Napa turned out to be an unexpectedly festive paradise. Imagine a huge street lined with bars and clubs, each establishment displaying a fairy-tale façade worthy of a Disney story. This magical atmosphere makes Ayia Napa unique. The abundant and varied clubs offer an immersive and dynamic experience! No need for a car to move from one club to another (unlike Ibiza), everything is within walking distance, making the experience even more pleasant and unique!
The festive architecture of the clubs, the friendly atmosphere, and the affordable prices were in stark contrast to the experience in Ibiza. The Castle Club, with its castle-like appearance and multiple rooms, is a striking example. The streets are full of bars and clubs, offering a diversity and accessibility that Ibiza cannot match (there are easily 20 major ambiance bars and clubs on a street that must be 1km long, it's just huge!).

Safety and Space: Priorities of Ayia Napa
What particularly impressed me was the concern for safety and comfort. Unlike other destinations where the crowd can be oppressive, in Ayia Napa, space and safety are not options but priorities. Even in crowded places, I always had the feeling of being able to breathe and dance freely, thanks to the constant vigilance of the security agents.

A Luxurious Experience at an Affordable Price
Let's also talk about value for money. Clubs like the Castle Club, with its castle-like façade and multiple rooms, offer a grand experience for a modest entry fee of 10€. And what about the ambiance bars? They easily rival the big clubs in terms of atmosphere and enjoyment, often without an entry fee. Take the example of "Encore" in Ayia Napa: it's a bar, but the atmosphere is so electrifying and the place is so huge that it feels like you're in a major club.

The Advantages of Ayia Napa
The city offers much more than wild nights out. Ayia Napa has a huge Luna Park that adds an even more festive aspect to the city! The nearby beaches, especially Nissi Beach, are true gems with their turquoise and warm waters (the water is warmer than in Ibiza in the middle of August). The city pulses to the rhythm of DJs, even on the sand! You're also more likely to have rain in Ibiza than in Cyprus, and that's a real plus for Ayia Napa!

The Slight Downside
While Ayia Napa excels in festivities, its island (Cyprus) lacks the historical richness and charm of the small villages found in Ibiza if compared at that level.

Conclusion: The Choice of True Party
For those looking to party authentically and at a reasonable cost, Ayia Napa is the ideal destination, surpassing Ibiza in many aspects. After exploring destinations such as Magaluf, Malia, and Benidorm, our choice is undoubtedly Ayia Napa. We will return!