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Guys, I did many squats last month and my quads got bigger, and that's not my goal to lose weight. Guys, what should I do to slim down my quads muscles?
Don't ! All that hard work you should keep. If you want to "lose weight", gaining muscle is great since you can push yourself further in your workouts. I'd focus less on weight and more on endurance. Why not start couch to 5k? Go swimming ? Drink more water? Having a healthier mindset will change everything- unintentionally you'll lose weight by doing so. Plus overworking one muscle group as part of challenges won't give you the full body workout. If you're doing it to look more slim, remember muscles make you look toned and healthy.
To increase resistance training and participating in total-body, muscle-strengthening activities at least two days a week can help you burn calories, reduce fat mass and strengthen your thighs. Lower body exercises such as lunges, wall squats, inner/outer thigh lifts and step-ups with only your body weight will help you lose weight and shrink thighs.
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in order to lose weight it really doesn't matter what exercise you do as long as you eat in a healthy calorie deficit. Go on google and type TDEE calculator, it will give u the calories u should eat to be in a deficit, make sure you are eating that amount and nothing too low otherwise you risk lowering your metabolism. Feel free to message me and I would be happy to provide more information and help you and give more advice in regards to nutrition and exercise. I have lost 15kg myself and am going to uni for Sport Science as well as looking to acquire a pt certification so I would be more than happy to help :smile:
Don't! You're building muscle and that's great. To lose weight you need to be in a calorie deficit though. Eating adequate protein alongside this will help retain the muscle you're building, although it is harder to build muscle in a deficit.

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