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Heart murmur

I went to the hospital and they told me I have a heart murmur, next month I have a medical appointment to take a ECG or something like that I can’t remember right now but do you think my heart murmur is innocent or abnormal ?
- I can’t run because when I do my heart beats so fast it’s not normal and I get dizzy and I feel out of breath and I don’t feel my left arm , it lasts for a few minutes however once it lasted for more than an hour and to stop it I have to stop breathing till I feel how my heart skips a beat and then it beats super slow till it beats again normal. After that I’m just tired. I’ve done a blood test and they told me I’ve got iron deficiency, then low blood pressure and that my thyroid levels are high , so if there’s anyone who knows about this stuff would you say my heart murmur is abnormal? when the doctor checked my heart, the pulse etc she put the stethoscope on the left ventricle , and that’s when she said I have the heart murmur

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