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abortion, english 201 essay

My 3rd language is English, I am really struggling with writing an essay (that will later be turned into a research paper) in English, and putting my thoughts into words, and using enough references, correctly when backing my arguments. I am still working on it... but would love to have an insight, opinion, or even just a proofreading about my 1st ground! we are allowed not to cite anything for 1 ground out of 3 (this is the one I didn't pick any reference for) I feel the structure is quite bad, as in, I wasn't sure how to link and safely transition into ideas. many thanks!
Thesis: abortion should be legalized

Everyone has rights, and one of them is the right to have control over their own bodies. This implies the right to make informed decisions about their body and health—and to determine whether or when to bear children. Reproductive choice empowers women by giving them control over their bodies. For instance, The US Supreme Court has declared abortion to be a fundamental right guaranteed by the US Constitution. Roe v Wade is a decision by the Supreme Court that voided all abortion bans, in all the states. The court ruled that laws against abortion were unconstitutional, and therefore aren't allowed (Gold & Donovan, 2017).

is a lengthy process that can take a toll on the mother’s health and affect many aspects of her life like her studies. The choice over when and whether to have children is central to a woman’s autonomy to determine her future. Roe v. Wade was a landmark women’s liberation.

decriminalizing abortion lowers risky or unsafe abortion procedures. pregnancy

They say that pregnant women will resort to unsafe illegal abortions if there is no legal option.

Abortion restrictions have no impact on abortion rates, they don’t decrease them. Gold & Donovan (2017) claim limits on abortion rights negatively affect women on one hand but don’t affect the rate of unwanted pregnancies on the other. Therefore, limits don’t stop abortion, they restrict options instead. In the US, Before the roe v wade decision, abortion in the US was illegal and numerous women sought an abortion in unsafe conditions such as traveling to other states. This often leads to accidents or even death (Gold & Donovan, 2017).

Yazdkhasti et al. (2015) report that teen pregnancy and unwanted childbearing affect their education and their professional life. Having a baby would dramatically change the mother’s life, interfere with employment, etc. or it can be a financial burden, not everyone can’t afford a baby at any time of their life. the reasons described by the majority of women (74%) signaled a sense of emotional and financial responsibility to individuals other than themselves, including existing or future children. Also, According to Yazdkhasti et al. (2015), Unintended pregnancy can be a risk factor for pregnancy complications including low birth weight or even infant death. Unintended pregnancy is a main cause of infant mortality. Child development index is lower in women who have to carry an unwanted pregnancy to term.

Abortion is equivalent to murdering a fetus t individual human life begins at fertilization They say abortion inflicts suffering on the unborn child, and that it is unfair to allow abortion when couples who cannot biologically conceive are waiting to adopt.

pro-life supporters want to protect the life of the fetus whereas they ignore the health and well-being of this same fetus after birtj . This study finds that states with the most antiabortion policies are also the same states that have significantly lower indicators of infant/child well-being.

Contraception and abstinence can stop unwanted pregnancies

I know a young woman who became pregnant at nineteen while a sophomore in college even though she and her partner were using birth control. Her partner denied parentage, and her conservative family told her that she could not step inside their house while pregnant “with that *******.” She lived in a university dormitory, and her only access to health services was the school’s clinic. She felt like she had no real choice; there was no feasible way she could become a mother. So she aborted. Nine years later, at twenty-eight, she graduated with her doctoral degree and is now...

Abortion has side effects or risks:
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