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A level Biology & Chemistry exams 2022 (AQA)

How is everyone structuring their revision in regards to the AQA advanced information? Are you just going off the list for revision? Personally, I am doing packs of past paper questions based on the list, with heavy focus on the topics at the top as well as past papers. These will inevitably include synoptic links to other topics. Is anyone just revising everything/topics that aren’t on the list? Interested to hear how others are approaching it xx
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I am doing AQA Biology and I have sort of focused my revision on the topics in the advanced information, and with the topics higher up on each paper in particular, I am making sure I am really confident with exam questions. I still want to revise all the topics fairly well (although I'm not sure how much I should do on the other topics), as obviously these could still come up and I'm a bit worried that I won't be able to answer questions if I am not secure on the other topics too! Also, the immunity chapter, for example, isn't in the adv. information but I feel like it is a good topic to have for the synoptic essay (?). I haven't fully decided what I am doing though! :/

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