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Hi everyone,

I’m completing my doctorate in education and it’s now crunch time where I have to think about my thesis topic. I’m really unsure what to focus on. I have some very general ideas below but I’m wondering whether anyone could give me any ideas please. I’m not committed to anything at the moment - I’m open to suggestions.

I did my MA thesis on girls’ experiences of menstruation in schools which I enjoyed and really valued that research and exploration. I’m a secondary school teacher, teaching mainly sixth form so would be interested in that field…. So not interested in the early years and HE etc. Ideally, my research endeavors would focus on gaining student voice and listening to their experiences on ‘something’. So far, my ideas are:

Sixth form ‘readiness’ or transition from GCSE to Al-Level what issues/problems are there with the jump from GCSE to A-Levels
Behaviour and discipline in schools (not sure how to narrow this down)
The value of recreation in schools
Something to do with summer holidays and inequalities regarding low-income households differences in experiences and its relationship to cultural capital. Maybe about how young people value it?
Special educational needs do these children get a fair deal in the classroom, are EHCP met?
Mental health are schools doing enough to support young people?
School dinners?
Issues surrounding toilet (such as access)?

Any thoughts or stories would be gratefully appreciated, however short or long. I’m just trying to gauge what might be topical or contemporary issues in education for young people today which are typically unresearched.

Thanks in advance for the taking the time to reply.
Resilience was the buzzword just a few years back; now it's all about mental health. Both are key components in developing adults equal to life's challenges. When much mental health supports comes at the expense of resilience methods, how can education bridge the gap between the two?

Just wondering... take exams for instance. Mental health issues are great around exams just now. In part that's due to lockdown fallout, but much mental health work in schools addresses alleviating the stressors - sometimes that's not possible and resilience is necessary. Could be interesting to discover where (if) balance lies and how to attain it.

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