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Hello, can someone help me I'm stuck on my essay for the end of the year? I'm really struggling.

1. Using the data in the extracts and your knowledge of economics, assess the impact of a persistent current account deficit on the macroeconomic performance of the UK economy. 25 marker

2. Extract B (lines 17–19) states ‘India still protects its economy with anti-dumping
measures and export subsidies that are designed to promote economic growth.’
With the help of a diagram, explain how export subsidies may help promote economic
growth in India. 9 marker

3. In 2018, the UK Government will impose a new tax on sugary drinks, aimed at tackling obesity.
Behavioural economists believe that taxation alone is unlikely to be very effective in reducing
consumption. By 2050, obesity is predicted to affect 60% of adult men, 50% of adult women and
25% of children. It is associated with a range of health problems including type 2 diabetes,
cardiovascular disease and cancer.

Explain why, in a free market, sugary drinks may be overconsumed 15 marker
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