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Non-stop music from the world of puzzle games (Gameplay with Baby Queen)

Nice to hear Gorogoa get a shoutout! That's the title which first springs into my mind when I hear 'puzzle game' - beautiful hand-drawn artwork, and an atmospheric, often slightly unnerving soundtrack.

Feel free to post your thoughts on this episode after it airs, or your own favourite tracks from puzzle games!
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Listening to this now. :blow:
Lumino City - The Cyclist: Not a fan, TBH.

The Talos Principle - Made of Words: Like this, ambient and mysterious.

The Turing Test - Presumed Dead: Grew on me.

Chicory - Supper Wood: Really nice.

Monument Valley 2 - Interwoven Stories: Alright.

Tohu - Mist: Dark, unsettling.

Grindstone - The Creeps: Best so far.

Goragoa - Study: Yep, love the Gorogoa soundtrack.

Unpacking - Own Two Feet: Pleasant.

Tetris Theme (Korobeiniki): It's the Tetris theme - a classic tune, but not the classic version of it.

Baba is You - Lava is Hot: Cavern: :headfire:

Portal 2 - I Made it All Up: Portal has some good music, but I'm not sure I'd have chosen this track, personally.

Overall thoughs: title was a lie, it stopped after 60 minutes. :noway:
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