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Flying to a different climate?

I'mg going to Spain this summer (Yay!) but i am eating an earlier flight than i have in the past (I usually arrive in the village at like 11 pm) so I will be arriving before sun set.of course this means it will be warmer than it usually is when I arrive my question I should I dress for the weather in the UK or how the weather will be when I land in Spain? (hot)and what would you do?

I know it's not a huge issue and I'm not worried about it I'm just wondering what you guys would do?


I usually wear layers when flying. Airplanes are normally cold, while the outside climate can be very hot at your destination. Makes it easier when you can layer up/down on the fly (pun not intended!). Sometimes I pack a pair of shorts or something in my carry on item so I can change in the loo once I get off the plane before I go through immigration and get my suitcase etc.

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